Confidentiality, information keeping and privacy

Before you login to web counselling, please read this page so that you know what we do with the information you give us.


When you use our web counselling services, the sessions will not be shared with any person or organisation outside of Parentline. However, as with many organisations such as ours, there are limits to confidentiality and we believe it is important you are fully informed.

There are some situations when we need to assess your ability to keep yourself and others safe. These include:

  • situations of abuse or neglect
  • thoughts or plans about attempting suicide
  • family violence
  • reports of violence to others
  • threats of intended violence to self or others
  • medical emergencies or the potential for an emergency
  • any other situation that indicates significant risk to the health and safety of yourself or others

These situations can be very complex and are individual to each caller. We will work with you to assess any risk in your particular case and whether we can support you to manage this risk and ensure safety for all concerned.

We encourage clients who are in a high risk situation to access our service by phone on 1300 30 1300.

Information Keeping - (Do we keep a copy of what is typed?)

As Parentline provides the opportunity for parents to connect with the same counsellor over several sessions, it is necessary for the service to keep a record of your counselling sessions. Case notes and transcripts are securely stored on our premises at all times.

Security - (Can someone hack in?)

Something else to think about is how secure your messages are on the web. There are hackers and viruses out there and it can never be TOTALLY secure or private. We want you to know we have no control over hackers or viruses through this site however we make every effort to ensure the information we store is kept secure.

Remember, if you need to talk to someone straight away, call Parentline on 1300 30 1300 or if you need to talk to someone outside of our opening hours, find out who else can help.

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