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5 things to do without wifi!

On July 19, 2017 By Parentline With 1 Comment

It’s tough managing the amount of time kids spend online. Phones, tablets, laptops and playstations are great tools for them to connect with and have fun, but being online too much isn’t ideal.

Entertaining kids ‘old school’

Despite what your kids will tell you, there’s still plenty of fun to have offline. Think about what you did growing up for some inspiration. We’ve come up with some ideas too!

  1. Experience backyard camping
    Put up the tent in the backyard, grab the sleeping bags, torches, cards and books and get them ready for their first sleep out in the open air. Kids will love feeling independent… while still knowing that Mum and Dad aren’t very far away.
  2. Make homemade paint
    Little people have vivid imaginations and love to be creative. Why not try something different and have them make their own paint? Kidspot has a great puff paint recipe. Clear some space on the fridge in anticipation of the masterpieces to come!
  3. Try ten pin bowling
    Ten pin bowling is fun no matter what age you are. It’s also a great family day out. Find your local centre and start rolling those balls down the alley. Just remember, the bumpers are only for kids!
  4. Teach them a card game
    Playing cards is a great way to teach kids about counting, taking turns, coming up with winning strategies and being a good sport. It’s also a lot of fun! If you’re a bit rusty, check out these classic card games.
  5. Bake damper
    Making damper is simple but lots of fun. It’s also an opportunity to talk with the kids about what life was like before technology took over. Try out this Brisbane Kids recipe and send us your pics!

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  • essayhave April 17, 2018Reply

    Besides, as kids are using their mobile phones and tablets, there are many educational games. Kids will become eager to study together with games. I have uploaded some apps for my son and he has already learned some words and phrases in French.

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